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Bridal Bouquet Guide 2018 Update

This post is more of a response to something I wrote years ago that wound up becoming quite popular.  However looking back at the post I cannot with good confidence say that it is 100% accurate and applicable for bride's today, and the bridal bouquet being a key and important feature of the wedding florals I feel an update to the guide is needed.  As the times and trends change so does our definition of different bouquet styles.  This guide is meant to reflect what I have seen people asking for and give bride's the tools to better communicate the look and style of bouquet that she wants!
(Click here for more from this real J&M Wedding) Rounded Style:The bouquet is all rounded, tight and is typically a simple look of all all one flower (monoflora) and this one is also an example of monochromatic (all one color.)  This look creates a sophisticated and timeless bouquet for any stylish bride who appreciates clean lines and simplicity.
(Click here for more from this real J&M W…

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