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Crazy About Candles Part 1 Votives

So I thought for this post I would take a break from flowers to talk about my second favorite event decor.... CANDLES!!!!  Candlelight has this amazing way of giving a feeling to your event and creating a romantic glow around the room.  But what type of candlelight are you looking for?  Believe it or not, there is actually a lot to choose from!  In this first post of Crazy About Candles!

Basic Votives So first off there are your basic glass votives, these are a cylinder shape (typically) and most venues will provide you with 3- 5 of these per table for your reception (we also provide them for $1/ candle, they are are most cost effective option.)  They do their job- they give a nice glow effect, I especially like using them with a lower centerpiece. (Apricot, Ivory and Inky Blue Fall Romance)
Different Shapes
Here are the "upgraded" versions of the basic glass votive (basically just a bubble and square shape) they are great if you are looking for a specific look (square vases or…

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