A Black and White Affair

How To Do a Black and White Wedding:

Black and white has been making a comeback in the world of wedding colors, and it is understandable why, almost everything from linens to place cards to favors comes in either white or black and gives a sense of cohesiveness without going crazy with color swatches. The problem however always seems to boil down to the flowers. Sure there are plenty of white flowers, but what about the black ones? Though there are some, calla lilies, black berries and of course dyed flowers, the majority of them either seasonal or very expensive to do enough of the flower to make a statement. So what are you to do if your dream is black and white? Here are a few real life examples that we have done for our brides:

Bridal Bouquet: White orchids with fuschia centers, and black callas.  This way of doing black and white is by using the dark eggplant colored calla lillies and the white orchids and fuschia accents.
Bridesmaid Bouquet:  All white fllowers with a black ribbon accent
Bridesmaid Bouquet: White flowers with black ti leaves folded in and a black and white ribbon detail
Cocktail Arrangement: White orchids over black gem stones
Cocktail Arrangement: White hydrangea with black painted curly willow
Card Table Arrangement: White orchid spray arrangement over a fluted vase with black curly willow coming out of the top and in the vase, on a black linen table cloth with white place cards
Centerpiece: All white roses with black artificial berries pinned in a short vase with black curly willow inside
Tall Centerpiece: White orchid spray coming out of the top with black culry willow sticks and a white hydrangea and rose cluster on a fluted vase with the black painted curly willow inside.
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