The Bridal Bouquet Guide

I have notices that a lot of brides have had trouble distinguishing the differences between bridal bouquet styles/ terms to describe how they want their bouquet to look like, so I have compiled a few of my images to give bride's a basic idea of how to describe what they are looking for.

Rounded Bouquet: Completely dome shaped bouquet

*This is also an example of a monoflora (one type of flower) and monochromatic (one color) bouquet

Garden Style Bouquet: Rounded style with a bit of a looser look to give it a more natural look

Arm Bouquet:  Meant to lay across your arm (think the Miss America bouquet)

Teardrop: Rounded bouquet with a point at the base

Cascade Bouquet: Bouquet with loose garden look with flowers cascading foward

Pomander: Ball of flowers held by a ribbon


There are also a few different "construction" terms a bride should know when deciding on their bridal bouquet.  Most styles of design can be done in any of these construction methods, and before you sit down with your florist you should know the perks and downfalls of each.

Handtied Bouqet:  Stems are fitted together in a crossing pattern, cut and tied with ribbon, the bouquet can sit in water when it is not in use keeping to flowers fresher.  The downfall is that the base can get a little thick depending on the number and types of stems.

Form Bouquet: This is a bouquet form that in which the flowers are put in oasis (a flower foam that holds water) which allows the flowers to be in water at all time keeping them fresher longer, however sometimes the foam does drip.


Handwired Bouquet: Each flower is individually hand wired and taped, resulting in each flower able to be placed in an exact way, as well as a lighter bouquet.  However because each flower is individually wired it does not allow the flowers to get any sort of hydradtion and they can show signs of wilting earlier.



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