Finding Inspiration

To be honest this week I found it hard to find something to write about- I was feeling very uninspired (I think it is all this gloomy weather we have been having.) And through my lack of inspiration I started to think about where I get inspiration from when I get stuck on a design idea, and how many brides find themselves in that same position. Then viola!- Lack of inspiration was my inspiration!

Where do designers go when they need to get a little inspiration?

I find that when I get stuck trying to find that one piece of the design puzzle that will take an event from a beautiful wedding to a beautiful one- of- a -kind affair that just shouts that couple’s theme and personality I have key places where I go for some serious inspiration.

1) Wedding Wire Inspiration Boards

a. I know, the name practically spells it out for you, but I really like these because they are done by colors and themes which I find really helpful to search through without seeing a bunch of stuff that though it is pretty, lacks pertinence to your needs.

2) Wedding Flowers Magazine/ Brides in Bloom Magazine

a. These are two British publications that I actually found while I was in England studying wedding design a couple of years ago, and then when I came back to the States I found them in larger bookstores (Barnes and Noble in Livingston Mall is where I get mine from.) I love these magazines because they are more specified to the event design aspect of weddings and have TONS of really fabulous pictures to look through without having to leaf through a lot of adds.

3) City Trips

a. Yes this requires you to get up ridiculously early and go into the city but I really think that it is worth it to do (I try to go once every couple of months and throw it out there to brides I am working with who may want to join me) I go to the NYC Flower market to see the newest flowers coming in from Holland and Ecuador, I find that the colors and textures of all the different things you see really gets the wheels turning of how to use these things in design work. I also try to go through the flower district (Midtown 26th-29th on 6th Ave) to see what those retail florists are doing that maybe I haven’t thought of yet or maybe incorporating things like fabric or branches into a wedding piece.

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