Tent Weddings

Let me start by saying that I love tent weddings. It truly allows for you to build your own theme (quite literally) from the ground up! It really takes the guess work out of picking a venue to match the style of your wedding. With all the advancements in design, rentals and lighting that come in a nice neat package it really is a design dream come true. Not to mention that you are truly creating an individual event, you have full control from the cake, the bar, the flowers and the catering without creating extra “off premise” expenses for yourself that some venues charge for outside services.

Before you go out and book a tent for your wedding be sure to read the precautionary measures too. When designing a tent wedding you are starting from SCRATCH. That means you have to hand pick everything from the lighting, tent design, rentals, flowers, catering, cake, bar etc. and if you don’t have the help (a design consultant) or the time to think about and pick out all these details the overall process can be quite overwhelming. Of course this is completely neglecting the fact that you have to have the space for a tent, keep in mind that depending on the size of your wedding you will need “x” amount of FLAT square footage for your tent. Also don’t forget you are in a fairly exposed structure, meaning Mother Nature is someone you have to take into consideration and I am not talking just the rain, but if it is too cold or too hot it can result in needing heating/ cooling units which can incur unforeseen costs at the last minute.

                                    MY ADVICE:
If you have the space and the help I think that it is definitely worth the risk/ overall expense. It gives you complete control over how your event is played out from design elements, to entertainment, to photographers, to the caterer while being either less expensive or the same as a reception hall that can bind you into using specific vendors or package services.


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