Top 3 Floral Trends for 2011 Brides:
1) Garden Style Flowers

-There have been growing signs of the return of this trend in 2010, but I predict that in 2011 it will become much bigger. This style is indicative of lots of mixed greens and flowers picked in large loose bundle bouquets typically tied with a natural material like raffia or a patterned ribbon with the majority of stems showing. The centerpiece flowers are placed in mason jar or garden container.
(Garden Style Bouquet)
2) Fabric Covered Vases

- Another trend that I have been seeing in European designs is shorter fabric covered vases. I think this is an excellent way to pull in wedding colors and just add another texture to the table design and is definitely something that I see becoming very popular in 2011.

(Fabric covered collection of vases)

3) The Return of the Carnation

- Ok I know this is something that wedding designers have been predicting for the past few years but I really feel like 2011 is the year for the carnation. With new varieties like the “moon series” or the “down to earth collection” coming out of Ecuador and Columbia I think this flower is really up to make a comeback!
(Moon Series Carnations)


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