Top 5 Worst Design Blunders Brides Make on their Wedding Day

1) Trying to match EVERYTHING.

• Don’t drive yourself nuts with obsessing over the specific shade of apple red, you probably won’t ever be able to match the bridesmaid’s dresses to the linens to the flowers to the menu cards. And even if you manage it, it will probably look like the church scene in Steel Magnolias, (when they open the doors for Julia Roberts and there is that explosion of Pepto-Bismol pink everywhere) and just be too matchy matchy. Instead if you are in love with a particular color try to do neutrals and complimenting shades to get that range of color for a more polished and sophisticated look.

2) Skimping on the lighting.

• It always gets me when people spend thousands of dollars on linens and flowers for the tables but then once the reception starts and all the lights dim down no one can see any of it! Most reception venues offer a basic lighting package that includes up lighting or even a spotlight on the tables, and if not most lighting companies/ special event design companies (J&M included) have table spots that you can rent for the night. I know it seems like a lot of money for some lights to get turned on, but trust me the right lighting makes a world of difference to your whole design scheme!

3) Clashing décor with the venue.

• Though most reception halls are built to be a blank canvas most of them do follow with a general style theme whether that is a chic modern loft or a classic Versillia ballroom you want to make sure that your wedding style is consistent with your venue. It might take a little more time to find a place that fits you, but in the end it will save you a lot of time and money if you aren’t trying to override the venue’s style with your own.

4) Changing your style and tastes to suit someone else’s.

• Weddings are very exciting times and a lot of people who love you will want to help in the overall design/ planning process. But sometimes those who set out with the intentions to help can overstep and start treating it as though it were their wedding. Do not fall for the “Their wedding, our marriage” mindset, you will be bitter about it later if you let someone walk all over you when it comes to your wedding. To avoid this I always suggest to go to consultation meetings alone, to make sure that your vision is heard, and then if you want to bring others in to see the samples (if there are any) they are much more likely to like what you have already picked once they see it.

5) Not being cohesive with your wedding design.

• No, this is not a contradiction of mistake number one, overly matching. Overly matching is NOT the same as having a cohesive look. Most brides get lost in the individual pieces of the design and forget that all the pieces have to go together on the day of the wedding. For example, the black magic roses you fell in love with at the florist probably won’t look good next to the pastel pink cherry blossom branch design you loved at the menu card place, and neither one of them will look good with that gorgeous paisley patterned linen you found at the shop. So how do you avoid lack of cohesiveness without being too matchy matchy? Keep your color pallet to at least one nuetral (white, black, brown, pewter, gold, ivory etc) a primary color (ex: shade of pink) a secondary complimenting shade (a lighter pink or maybe a shade of red) and if you desire a third opposite color (like a green) it will really make your primary and secondary colors stand out against the neutral base. Then stick to that color scheme in EVERYTHING YOU DO while throwing in some personal touches, perhaps a monogram on the menu cards or a gorgeous overlay with a sheer design to accent the linens.

Sound like a lot to handle? Let the professionals take care of it! Check out our packages/ services page on the J&M Website for someone who will walk you through each and every step of your wedding design process!


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