Moody Hues

A gorgeous trend that I am absolutely in love with is the Moody Hues color scheme. As a girl who grew up on a healthy dose of Buffy the Vampire slayer mixed with Tim Burton movies the darker/ cooler floral tones are right up my alley!  Moody Hues does not mean that you go for an all dark color look either, it is a mix of deeper richer colors (think royal purple, deep night sky blues, rich velvet burgundy etc) with touches of paler almost ghostly colors (think antique pinks, tissuey ivories, pale taupe etc) to create a stunningly haunted look that would appeal to Edgar Allen Poe's taste.  

Here are some great pictures to illustrate the Moody Hues look:
Burgundy centerpiece with pomegranates and dripping amaranthuspink and burgundy moody wedding bouquet #weddingflowers #weddingbouquets #weddingideasLush Bridal Inspiration at Maui's Haiku Mill via Magnolia RougeOmbre White, Mauve, and Berry Bouquet | Weddings | Flowers | Wedding Bouquets | #flowers #weddingdecor #weddings #bouquet |

The color schemes for this look are what I like to describe as "Devastatingly Romantic."  Just to give you a few examples here are some palates broken down by color!

(Moody Plum/ Lilac Hues)

(Moody Raspberry/ Mauve Hues)

(Moody Burgundy/ Antique Red Hues)

(Moody Blue Hues)


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