Tulip Love

Tulips have to be one of my favorite flowers available in the spring.  Originally cultivated by the Ottoman Empire (which is where they got their name from, the Turkish and Persian men wore turbans, and because tulips were able to grow just from the bulb they were used as a sort of decoration for the turbans, when English speaking people came in and asked about the flower there was a misunderstanding and they were given the name "tulip" which sounds like how you say "turban" in Persian.) Tulips were introduced to Holland in the late 16th century and have taken on a life of their own in the Dutch culture.  Even contributing to the first economic bubble or "Tulip Mania" when tulip bulb values were so high that they were used as currency before the crash.

The  varieties we have today are mostly due to the tireless efforts of the Dutch growers, always looking to cultivate new varieties and colors.  The most popular varieties available to us today are Dutch, Double, Frill and Parrot varieties.

Dutch Tulips: This is what I would call your classic tulip, they come in a wide range of colors (including two-toned ones) and are the basis for the colors of the more novelty varieties mentioned below.

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Double Tulips: Double tulips get their name from literally being "double a tulip" although to be honest they are probably more like a triple tulip.  I adore this novelty varietal, the tulips come in a wide range of colors (some purple shades that are absolutely stunning) and have the look of a lush peony when they are open.
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Frill Tulips: The Frill Tulip gets it's name from the beautiful "frilled" edges of the tulip.  The precision of the frills along the edges is something that is incredible intricate and stunning, they are also bread to last longer then an average tulip.
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Parrot Tulips: Parrot Tulips are probably the most interesting of the novelty varieties.  Named because they look like a colorful birds head, parrot tulips are sturdy and come in a wide range of beautiful colors.
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