Bridal Bouquet Guide 2018 Update

This post is more of a response to something I wrote years ago that wound up becoming quite popular.  However looking back at the post I cannot with good confidence say that it is 100% accurate and applicable for bride's today, and the bridal bouquet being a key and important feature of the wedding florals I feel an update to the guide is needed.  As the times and trends change so does our definition of different bouquet styles.  This guide is meant to reflect what I have seen people asking for and give bride's the tools to better communicate the look and style of bouquet that she wants!
Rounded Style: The bouquet is all rounded, tight and is typically a simple look of all all one flower (monoflora) and this one is also an example of monochromatic (all one color.)  This look creates a sophisticated and timeless bouquet for any stylish bride who appreciates clean lines and simplicity.

Rounded Textured Style: This still has the rounded shape of a traditional hand tied bouquet but is typically comprised of different types of flowers with all different textures and some sort of greenery to create a looser more casual vibe, perfect for the girl who loves an outdoor wedding and more natural styled bouquets.

Organic Styled: Similar to a Rounded Texture Styled bouquet but with a lot more concentration on different styles of greenery, the idea behind this bouquet is to feel as though you went outside and created it with whatever you picked fresh that day.  It also tends to have less of rounded shape and is more of a loose more draping look with the flowers and greens at different levels creating very natural looking lines.

Asymetric Style: Typically the asymetric bouquet is a more modern take on the organic styled look, meaning instead of it looking like a natural collection of flowers and greens the asymetric bouquet is creating an arched shape, sometimes the flowers and green are longer on one side then the other but not necessarily.  This is a very eco- modern bouquet style and is perfect for those looking to break the bridal mold with a statement bouquet.

 Tear Drop: This is a tapered style bouquet similar to the asymetric in it's unique shape, but this bouquet is more rounded at the top and comes to a point at the bottom of the bouquet (hence the name tear drop because it looks like an upside down tear drop.)  Typically this bouquet is done in a holder meaning you are holding a metal or plastic piece and not stems wrapped in ribbons.  This is a very classic bouquet style (think the movie Father of the Bride bouquet) that has recently started to make a resurgence in modern bridal trends.

Cascade Waterfall: The Cascade Waterfall bouquet is basically a really big version of the tear drop bouquet, it is literally meant to make you think of a waterfall of flowers coming down.  This bouquet is also done in a holder and can be very heavy due to the sheer volume of flowers and greens you are carrying.  This is typically considered a more traditional styled bouquet, but again with the recent in vogue look of more classic elements of clean lines and long sleeves this over the top bouquet style can be the perfect juxtaposition to that look.

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